Take Action
The movie SAINT JUDY provides us all with an opportunity to respond positively to today's very real need to support refugees and people seeking asylum. Just like the story in the film, behind every asylum seeker is a real story of real people. Together we can help those people who are more at risk than ever given the COVID-19 situation.

Are you an organisation working with refugees and asylum seekers and would like to host a private screening of the movie SAINT JUDY to raise awareness and funds for your work? We'd love to connect.

Would you like to become a LOCAL HERO for SAINT JUDY by sharing with your networks about this important feature film? Organisations like Asylum Seeker Resource Centre would love your support to bring awareness to their work through people connecting with the SAINT JUDY movie. We've developed a range of assets that make this easy.

You can find out more and donate to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre here.

Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions and ideas about how you and the SAINT JUDY movie can make a difference in our world. Click here to contact us.